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If you are looking for a vaporizer you can customize by changing atomizers or the intensity of a throat hit, box mods are a popular choice. A box mod is one of the most powerful types of vaporizers. They get their name from their box-like shape. Box Mods typically come with a larger battery that lasts longer than vape pens and small vapes. Some box mod kits include everything you need to start vaping while others require separate batteries or atomizer attachments to function.

The box mod works in a similar fashion to other vaporizers. It has a battery inside of it that heats up a coil. The coil is located inside of a separate atomizer that is attached to the box mod. When this coil is heated, vapor is created that the user then inhales. This process can differ depending on what type of atomizer is attached to the box mod.

Luxurious Vapors East offers a wide selection of box mods in Poughkeepsie, NY. While they look nothing like cigarettes or cigars, the extra space gives mod makers the ability to add components like variable power control, digital screens, and even fused protection. Box mods come in many voltages, and often grant the purchaser access to sub-ohm builds. While that might sound confusing, it simply means you can start using sub-ohm tanks and RDAs for a much more flavorful vaping experience! 

So if you want quit smoking and are new to vaping, or are more of an experienced user, our wide variety of unique mods is perfect for everyone. We carry box mod kits and more advanced box mods you can customize. We have one the best selections in the local area, and if we don't have it in store, we can order the mod you are looking for.

Our store is staffed with vape smokers who have experience in setting up box mods and vaporizers, so they are more than qualified to assist you in navigating our shelves. So when you need high end vaporizers with temperature control and air-intake control come to the vapor gurus here at Luxurious Vapors East. 

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