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Luxurious Vapors East has dedicated itself to providing the ultimate selection of e-liquids on the market...

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Box Mods | Luxurious Vapors East

If you are looking for a vaporizer you can customize by changing atomizers or the intensity of a throat...

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Mech Mods | Luxurious Vapors East

For those who are more experienced with vaping, mechanical mods are a more advanced way of enjoying...

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We strive for the best customer service in the Hudson Valley. With a knowledgeable staff if you're looking to possibly quit smoking come on in to our store today!

Welcome to Luxurious Vapors East

Luxurious Vapors East is a premium vape shop in Poughkeepsie, NY. Our store is stocked with the highest quality vaporizers and accessories you need to guarantee the best vaping experience money can buy. Whether you are looking for general vape products, premium e-juice, batteries, atomizers, tanks, or box mods, we have them all here. If it has to do with vaping, we carry it, and we can tell you everything you need to know about it.

For those who are looking to kick their vaping experience up a notch, we offer all the premium mods required to get every last ounce of vapor out of your e-juice. Here’s an overview of some of our goods (though we carry much more):

Simple Vape Pens – Vape pens are great for beginners! These discrete pen style vaporizers are easy to maintenance, and fire at low voltages (typically these are easier on the throat).

Box Mods – Box mods are box shaped modified vaporizers that come in many voltages, and often grant the purchaser access to sub-ohm builds. You can start using sub-ohm tanks and RDAs for a much more flavorful vaping experience! 

Sub-Ohm Tanks (RBA) – These tanks are a step up from the vape pens. They produce bigger clouds and more flavorful hits. Additionally, they are easy to maintain (simply swap out the atomizer for a new one and fill the tank)! 

RDAs – Rebuildable dripper atomizers are for the most experienced vapers, and offer the richest, most flavorful hits. These are more difficult to maintain, but we believe that anyone can learn to build a coil or do a cotton swap. Take a look at our RDAs if you’re ready for the next step! 

Mechanical Mods – These mods require caution. We know how to introduce you to the Mech Mod so you can use it safely and effectively. There are variable wattage devices which you might want to explore. Since the batteries are integral to the electronic cigarette, a variable wattage device might be more appealing for a more varied vaping experience.

VV/VW Mods – These mods will allow you to adjust the power output in two ways - by adjusting voltage and by adjusting the wattage. This is how you can customize your vaping.

Our skilled staff know how each device works. We are happy to help pick out the right vaporizer for you. Head over to our shop and chat with one of our informed employees about any questions you might have.

It does not matter if you have been vaping for years, or are relatively new to the scene, the staff at Luxurious Vapors East will be able to find you the perfect combination of products to get you going.

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